1 – A Yerks

A Yerks > William Brook Yerks (Mary) > William Yerks (Catherine)

Location: Rosedale Nursery, Saw Mill Road, Hawthorne, New York 

Most likely, the site of the farmhouse that Catherine See & William Yerks (my wife’s 6th great grandparents) and their ancestors lived in while tending the 300-acre family farm in Philipsburgh Manor (Hawthorne). Notes of previous genealogists state that William “Brook” Yerks lived in a home on the other side of the Saw Mill River from the Saw Mill Road. The name “Brook” was given to differentiate him from another William Yerks who lived in the area. William “Brook” Yerks is the son of William and Catherine Yerks. William had a son named Abraham, who lived from 1795 to 1867 when this map was made. The “A Yerks” must be him as the map clearly indicates that it is the only house on the other side of the river. According to my calculations, it places that house on the southern edge of what is today known as Rosedale Nursery.

2 – John F Yerks

John F Yerks > William Brook Yerks (Mary) > William Yerks (Catherine)

Location: 36 Broadway, Hawthorne, New York

This John F Yerks is most likely the son of William “Brook’ Yerks, who lived from 1783-1863. Although he died several years before the map was published, it probably took years to develop the map. John W Yerks was married to Phoebe Jane Clarke. They had four children. His home is directly across the street from the Dutch Reformed Church that so many Yerks family members attended.

3 – W Yerks

Location: Route 9a, near Bedford Road

It is not clear who this W Yerks is. While this W Yerks could be William Yerks (1801-1876), it is unlikely. He spent the last three years of his life in the Almshouse at Eastview. It would be unlikely he owned or rented a house. It could also be William H Yerks (1827-1864). But this William died in Alexandria, Virginia, during the Civil War. It is not clear if he owned a house or where it was. This one remains a mystery.

4 – Jno W Yerks

Jno W Yerks > William Yerks (Maria) > Harmen Yerks (Susannah) > William (Catherine)

Location: In the area of 449 Bear Ridge Road in Pleasantville

The only John W Yerks I know of in Westchester county is John Wesley Yerks, Great Grandson to Catherine See and William Yerks. The 1880 US Census shows John Wesley Yerks surrounded by names that appear on the map.

5 – H Yerks

Henry Yerks > William Yerks (Catherine) > Johannes Jurckse Sr (Sussanah) > Johannes Yerks (Rachel)

328 Commerce Street

I believe this home was Henry Yerks (b. 1798 and d. 1883)/. He was married first to Martha R Smith and later to Elizabeth Onderdonk. The Dutch Reformed Church of Unionville was finished in 1818. On July 4, 1877, the Church received its bell, courtesy of Henry Yerks. The bell was bought at Troy, NY, for $300 and weighed 931 pounds. This house would have had a very clear view of the Church. While the Church is still visible today from the hillside house, some trees may obscure its view in the Summer.