• Map of Historic High Street in Kirkcudbright, Scotland

    By Published On: March 13th, 2009Categories: Places, Surname: Beattie

    I found a nice map of Historic High Street in Kircudbright, Scotland.

  • “Galloway One Hundred Years Ago: The Royal Burgh of Kirkcudbright”

    By Published On: December 7th, 2008Categories: Places, Surname: Beattie

    I found this wonderful article at old-kirkcudbright.net written nearly 100 years ago about Kirkcudbright circa 1830.  So this is the story of how Kirkcudbright was almost 200 years ago. What makes this find so great is that it mentions Robert Beattie on High Street.  This is my great-great-great grandfather. In 1841, Robert lived on High Street with his entire family.  He was

  • Green-Wood Cemetery: The Most Beautiful Cemetery I’ve Ever Seen!

    By Published On: July 22nd, 2008Categories: Church's and Cemeteries, Places

    The Green-Wood Cemetery has long been considered one of the world’s most beautiful cemeteries and is the final resting place of nearly 600,000 persons, including some of history’s most memorable figures. Since its establishment in 1838, The Green-Wood Cemetery has offered a dignified selection of burial options including an urn garden, columbarium, community and private