• The History of the Westchester County Almshouse in Eastview, New York

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    Before The Eastview Complex.... Typically, responsibility for the care of indigents, the insane, orphans, and abandoned children were held by the individual towns of Westchester County. But in the early 1800s, several towns recognized the need for something better and found that by sharing resources, they may be able to care for more people and

  • Patrick & Catherine Hayes At Calvary Cemetery

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    Calvary Cemtery is the final resting place of Patrick Hayes, son of Patrick Hayes and Johanna Couhy.  Also brother to Ellen, Bridget, Mary Hayes Morrison, Edward and John. Special thanks to “ronzoni” at findagrave.com for the photo.

  • The Gravestone Of Eliza Gordon and Robert Beattie

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    Finding distant cousin’s most certainly has it’s advantages in genealogy.  After a brief introduction, my newest found Beattie cousin (John, of Toronto, Canada) sent me one of the most exciting things I have seen in quite some time!  Pictures of the gravestone for Eliza Gordon, Robert Bettie and…. drum roll please….David Beattie.  The gravestone overlooks beautiful Kirkcudbright and the River

  • Hayes Branch Cemtery Headstone Photo Album

    The Hayes Branch Cemetery Headstone Photo Album contains pictures from various cemteries for the following surnames. Lewis Tierney Beattie Hayes Hanley Colwell Gackstetter Bishop Graham Hayes Sheehan Click here to view the Headstone Photo Album Last Updated: December 7, 2008

  • Sheehan’s and Hayes’ At The Old St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Bedford, NH

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    With the help of Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness Volunteer Jack Stanton, I was able to discover a treasure-trove of information about several Sheehan and Hayes relatives who are interned at the Old St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Bedford, NH. (see “Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness” – A Must For The Genealogy Toolbox!). I had contacted Jack by

  • Part Of The Beattie Mystery At Holy Cross Cemetery Is Solved

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    After studying the information provided to me in the Internment Report and comparing it to my uncle Lloyd’s notes and census records, I have identified several people buried at the Beattie plot at Holy Cross Cemetery in Brooklyn. First, I believe “Mary Beattie & Infant” (b 1864, d. 1904) may be the wife of John

  • The Holy Cross Internment Report Has Arrived!

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    After waiting close to eight weeks, my long awaited Internment Report has arrived for the Beattie’s and Tierney’s buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York. After paying $75 for the report, I find it raised more questions than it really resolved. Back in July 2008, I made a trip to Holy Cross after

  • A True Mystery At Holy Cross Cemetery, Brooklyn

    The other day, when I visited Holy Cross Cemetery in Brooklyn to check out the Tierney and Beattie grave sites, I discovered something VERY odd.  First, our family does not seem to be into entering subsequent family members deaths onto tombstones.  We seem to just add them to the graves.  Only the first to die

  • St. George’s Church & Cemetery

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    There are multiple records indicating several relatives of the Yerk’s family are buried here, at St. Georges Cemetery in Mount Kisco.  The headstones are heavily worn, but still read with the name “Cutler”. In 1761,  a mission church, then called Saint George’s (now St. Mark’s), was established on a plot of ground across the street