• The Yerkes (Yerks) Tavern of North Salem: Separating Fact from Fiction in Historical Mythology

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    The Yerkes (Yerks) Tavern I extend my heartfelt gratitude and sincere appreciation to Robert Treadway and North Salem Town Historian Susan Thompson. This article owes its existence to their unwavering dedication and tireless efforts to unravel the layers of history surrounding the Yerks Tavern. Their years of meticulous research and passionate pursuit

  • Life in the Crossfire: The Yerks Family in the Neutral Zone during the American Revolution

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    Skinners assaulting a family, from James Fenimore Cooper’s The Spy, published in 1821 by Wiley & Halsted. The American Revolution unleashed a tumultuous period in which families were caught in the crossfire between British forces and American Patriots. Families like the Yerks, residing in the Neutral Zone, experienced a unique set of challenges,


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    During the War of the Revolution, the County of Westchester, and particularly the lower towns (now forming the (Borough of Bronx or Bronck’s’[1]), was the prey of the foraging parties of both armies, as it lay directly between them and was permanently occupied by neither. Being common property to both parties, it was, therefore, called

  • 1925 Chappaqua Map Overlaid with 2023 Google Map

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  • The Book of Life for John J Hayes and His Ancestors

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    This is a presentation I built for Christmas several years ago.  It may be hard to understand some of the slides without any context, but it is shared here in the interest of sharing information. https://www.icloud.com/keynote/0c62zm304e5m56AXVyTrWzkpg#Book_of_Life_-_The_Hayes_Family  

  • The History of the Westchester County Almshouse in Eastview, New York

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    Before The Eastview Complex.... Typically, responsibility for the care of indigents, the insane, orphans, and abandoned children were held by the individual towns of Westchester County. But in the early 1800s, several towns recognized the need for something better and found that by sharing resources, they may be able to care for more people and

  • Supporting Documentation for William Yerks (b. 10 Apr 1725, d. BEF 1785) Application for Patriot Status with the DAR

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    Souvenir of the Revolutionary Soldiers' Monument Dedication, at Tarrytown, New YorkBy Tarrytown (N.Y.). Monument Committee, Marcius Denison Raymondpg. 42 & pg. 44 The name of William Yerks appears on the Muster roll of Capt. Gabriel Requa's Company of Militia of East Philipsburg, now in the position of Professor Beckford, Dean of Columbia College.   New

  • Where Is Catherine Yerks’ Farm?

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    This is a 1840 Map of the Yerks farm, overlaid on today's Google Map. Move the slider to change the view.

  • My Great Grandfather, John J Hayes Obituary

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    Thursday, May 10, 1906 Manchester Union Page 4 John J Hayes The funeral service of John J Hayes was held at St. Patrick's Church on Wednesday morning, the Rev. Father Matthew Kramer celebrating a high mass of Requiem at 830 o'clock, assisted by the church choir. Interment was at St. Joseph's Cemetery, where Father Creamer