• Swansea Resident David Henry Lewis Wills Homes To Tenants

    By Published On: November 9th, 2010Categories: On The Genealogy Trail, Surname: Lewis

    Below is an interesting newspaper article that has been framed and displayed in my Moms house for a very long time. She has always told me that she cut it out of a newspaper because of the last name and location, but did not think it was related to anybody in our family. Today I

  • The Elusive Smith Cousin May Finally be Found!

    By Published On: April 11th, 2010Categories: On The Genealogy Trail, Surname: Smith

    I’ve been at a stand-still with the Leta Smith branch of the family tree since December 2009. I’ve been looking for Shawn Butler since July 2009. Now, thanks to the folks at the Rock Island County illinois Genealogical Society, I have made a major breakthrough tracking down Shawn Butler, the great grandson of Leta Smith. 

  • Leta Smith’s Family Tree Branch Has Been Found!

    By Published On: December 20th, 2009Categories: Found Documents, On The Genealogy Trail, Surname: Smith

    Leta Ethel Smith, sister of Frank Edward Smith (my wife’s great grandfather) was born in Iowa on May 30, 1887.  The only thing we knew about her, until today, was that she had twins named Merle and Berle.  In fact we have pictures of Leta, Merle and Berle in our possession.  There is some recollection

  • Three Generations of Sheehans in The United States

    By Published On: December 7th, 2009Categories: On The Genealogy Trail, Surname: Sheehan

    THE FIRST US GENERATION OF SHEEHANS Jeremiah D Sheehan was born circa 1826 in Ireland.  He arrived in the US sometime around 1845, although no concrete details about his immigration have been found yet.  He was married to Mary Sullivan, who was born circa 1829 in Ireland. Together they had six children. • Jeremiah Sheehan,

  • Looking For The Dillons

    By Published On: November 17th, 2009Categories: On The Genealogy Trail, Surname: Beattie, Surname: Dillon

    On April 27, 1893, a Francis Dillon was buried in a plot at Holy Cross Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY.  On  December 16, 1897, he was removed from that original plot and moved to the Beattie family plot. I was easily able to find the death certificate for  Francis Dillon, who died April 23, 1893 and

  • Eneclann Genealogical Assessment For The Roche Family of Dublin

    By Published On: August 7th, 2009Categories: On The Genealogy Trail, Surname: Roach

    The following is part of an Genealogical Assessment provided by the nice people at Eneclann.  The purpose of the assessment is to help me evaluate whether it makes sense to move forward with a more in-depth investigation of my Roche (Roach) relatives of Dublin, Ireland..  The people there are very nice and curteous.  They did

  • The Roach Family Discovered!

    When I first started doing my genealogy research, I learned that my great, great grandfather, Henry Lewis, married a woman named “Anna Roche”. In fact, my great aunt, Grace Lewis” gave me the first first insight into a family that I had only heard of by name. “Anna Roche was born in Brooklyn, but her

  • Could One Big Mystery Be Solved Concerning The Brother of Anna Roach?

    We know that Anna Roach (b.abt 1838 in ireland) immigrated to and lived in New York City. She married Henry Lewis of Wales. Her mother lived with her for a while in the 1860’s, carefully caring for Thomas, Anna’s newborn 4 lbs. son and my great grandfather, by “putting him in a little cigar box

  • Found the Descendants of Patrick & Kate Hayes

    By Published On: April 15th, 2009Categories: On The Genealogy Trail, Surname: Hayes (on Lewis Side)

    This week’s genealogical success was with the Hayes branch on the Lewis side of the family. In the recent months I had found many articles that mentioned James V. Hayes, but lacked concrete evidence to link them to the descendants of Patrick Hayes and Johanna Cowhey.