• Eneclann Genealogical Assessment For The Roche Family of Dublin

    By Published On: August 7th, 2009Categories: On The Genealogy Trail, Surname: Roach

    The following is part of an Genealogical Assessment provided by the nice people at Eneclann.  The purpose of the assessment is to help me evaluate whether it makes sense to move forward with a more in-depth investigation of my Roche (Roach) relatives of Dublin, Ireland..  The people there are very nice and curteous.  They did

  • The Roach Family Discovered!

    When I first started doing my genealogy research, I learned that my great, great grandfather, Henry Lewis, married a woman named “Anna Roche”. In fact, my great aunt, Grace Lewis” gave me the first first insight into a family that I had only heard of by name. “Anna Roche was born in Brooklyn, but her

  • Could One Big Mystery Be Solved Concerning The Brother of Anna Roach?

    We know that Anna Roach (b.abt 1838 in ireland) immigrated to and lived in New York City. She married Henry Lewis of Wales. Her mother lived with her for a while in the 1860’s, carefully caring for Thomas, Anna’s newborn 4 lbs. son and my great grandfather, by “putting him in a little cigar box