Philip Hayes is a Career Fire Captain of 35 years, the CEO of Sirius Innovations, LLC,  an avid genealogist and a history buff

As CEO of Sirius Innovations, LLC, he served as a Technology Solutions Consultant and Web Applications Programmer for fortune 500 companies, large municipalities, and hospitals.  He is fluent in the SQL, ColdFusion, PHP and Javascript programming languages.  He is also a power user of the WordPress Content Management System.

Philip’s latest product development includes a service called ‘Map The Past’.  The advanced yet easy-to-use functionality offered in this product will enable its members to “Walk in the Footsteps of Their Ancestors.” 

Philip became a Genealogy addict when in 1998, his Uncle, Lloyd W Lewis, sat he and his wife down on the deck of his Uncle’s Pennsylvania home and told them the story of his Great, Great Grandfather Henry W. Lewis, the Privateer.  The story was so intriguing that Phil found himself yearning for more details.  Hence….  Philip Hayes, the Genealogist was born.  Leveraging his technology skills, Philip has grown and developed the family tree well beyond what his Uncle could have ever dreamed of.

Combining the power of technology and the primary sources from historical documents, Philip developed his own family history website based on the Word Press Content Management System (  Upon publishing the site, it has inspired many people to develop an interest in the family’s history and has connected Philip to several undiscovered relatives and their family stories. 

Phil is a member of numerous historical and genealogy societies, including the Association of Professional Genealogists

Blogging Your Way Into History

In 2010, Phil developed a presentation aimed at teaching amateur and professional genealogists how to document their family’s history on the internet using a blog.  If genealogists want to get the most out of their efforts, there are some basic strategies that must be employed.  These strategies are fully covered in his program, “Blogging Your Way Into History.”

Program Contents

It Does Take More Than 5 Minutes… Sorry

Define The Purpose Of your Blog

Choosing a Blogging Tool (Free vs Paid)

 — Blogger

 –Hosted Word Press Solutions

Choosing a Domain Name and Registering It.

Developing a WordPress Family History Blog

  — Themes and Altering an Existing Design

  — Modifying Some basic Layout Elements 

  –Leveraging Plug-Ins the Enhance Your Website.

Start Blogging

 — Type of Media to Include

 — Using your iPad or iPhone to Blog

Keep It Fresh!

SEO: Search Engine Optimization’s Role In Your Sites Discoverability

Copyright Issues

Sample Websites

Questions & Answers