• Post Card from Ada Hunter To Harry Lewis

    By Published On: November 14th, 2010Categories: Found Treasures, Photos, Surname: Lewis

    Today, I found another true treasure in my Moms keepsakes. This one comes to us from Ada Hunter of  Swansea, Wales. According to a note written by my grandfather on the envelope protecting the postcard, he received the card from his first cousin, once removed circa 1897.  That would make my grandfather just 5 years

  • Meet John Lawrence Tierney

    By Published On: October 6th, 2010Categories: Found Treasures, Photos, Surname: Tierney

    It is amazing how things can suddenly seem so clear after relaxing your mind and giving yourself some time away from a problem. Such is the case with a photograph I found in the inherited collection of Virginia Tierney Bishop. The first time I went through Virginia’s photos, I had dismissed the man in the

  • 4 Generations of James Leroy Yerks

    By Published On: May 25th, 2010Categories: Photos, Surname: Yerks

    This photo is of four generations of James L Yerks'. It was taken circa 1969. Based on a few early census records, James L Yerks appears to have changed his name from Leroy Yerks to James Leroy Yerks. James L Yerks Sr is the son of Annie Cutler and George Oakley Yerks. He had two