• The Life of Jeremiah Hayes in a Timeline

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    05 SEP 1889  •  Born in Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, USA 01 Jun 1900 •  10 years old living with parents John and Jane at 35 Front Street 7 May 1906 •  Death of John J Hayes, Father of Jeremiah Hayes at the Paper Mill. His son Jeremiah was 16 just years old. 24 Jun 1918 •  Marriage to

  • The History of The Sheehan Branch Of My Family

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    JEREMIAH D SHEEHAN & FAMILY Jeremiah D Sheehan was born in County Kerry, Ireland, on March 17, 1827. According to immigration records, Jeremiah arrived in Boston on June 7, 1846, and applied for naturalization on January 18, 1859, in Manchester, NH.   He was married to Mary Sullivan, born circa 1829 in Ireland. There is

  • Biography of Nathaniel Cutler Jr.

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    Source: Genealogical and Family History of Southern New York and the Hudson River Valley", volume III Nathaniel, son of John, was born about 1808, Somers, Westchester County, New York and resided in the town of New Castle, where he was a successful farmer, and died at the age of 18 years. He was a member

  • New York City Police Officer Patrick S Hanley

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    I recently received a packet of information about Patrick Hanley from the New York Police Department.  Patrolman Patrick S Hanley was appointed to the New York City Police Department on April 3, 1890 and was issued Patrolman Shield number 4866. According to Patrick Hanley’s Police Department “Transfer and Assignment Card”, Patrick was born in Ireland

  • Biography of Nathaniel Cutler & His Family of Mount Kisco

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    The following is a biography of Nathaniel Cutler Sr. (b. 1 Jan 1808, d. 12 Apr 1886).  Nathaniel is Colleen Yerks’ great x4 grandfather .  He lived in Mount Kisco, New York for most of his life, but may have been born in North Castle. He married Sally Ann Weeks in 1829 and had several children.

  • The Baron (Baroni) Immigration From Italy

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    Colleen’s great, great grandmother Giaele (Jean) Bottomly was born in Rivarolo Mantovano, Italy on December 28, 1870.   Rivarolo Mantovano is a commune (municipality) in the Province of Mantua in the northern Italian region Lombardy, located about 110 km southeast of Milan and about 30 km southwest of Mantua. A= Rivarolo Mantovano, Italy     B

  • Chief Quartermaster William Andrew Flaherty Died On the Submarine “Scorpion” in 1944

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    Chief Quartermaster William Andrew Flaherty, a cousin on the Roche (Roach) branch of our family tree gave his life in 1944 while serving in the US Navy. William was born in Port Chester, New York and is the son of David and Mae Flaherty.  He was assigned to the Scorpion, the fifth submarine to bear that name.  The Scorpion was laid down

  • Jim Hayes And The Reason Campaign

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    I found this interesting video on Cousin Jim. A lifelong Republican, Jim has had a long and successful career in magazine publishing, including Fortune. A traditional conservative believing in small government and fiscal responsibility, Jim has also been deeply concerned about the deep polarization in America over the last couple years even as the problems

  • Another Branch of the Beattie Tree Found.

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    This last couple of weeks has been very exciting for us. First, I found an obituary for 101 year old Angela Beattie Hughes who died on December 29, 2001. Angela is the daughter of John Beattie, who is the son of my Great Great grandfather. The obituary gave the names of her daughters and the