• Mahopac Railroad Through Somers

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  • A Timeline of The Hayes Family Of Killarney Ireland; London, England & Manchester, NH

    By Published On: July 18th, 2018Categories: In History, Surname: Hayes

    The timeline below....

  • Making The Circumstantial Case that Links Ezra Yerks to the Larger Yerks Family Tree

    By Published On: June 7th, 2018Categories: In History, Surname: Yerks

    In May 2018, I was contacted by Mary-Catherine Burton, wife of Charles Edward Yerks. Charles is a descendant of Frank Yerks and Annie Bullock. She was interested in developing a family tree for her husband.  While I was able to provide her some guidance with researching her husbands branch of the Yerks Family Tree, I sadly had to inform her that nobody has ever been able to connect that branch to the larger Yerks family of Philipsburg / Westchester County.

  • Catherine Yorkse (Yerks) Farm in Hawthorne (formally Unionville), New York

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    "Attention All Persons living in the Green Zone below. You are nearby ordered to vacate your homes immediately. Colleen Hayes (nee Yerks) intends to re-claim her great x6 grandmother Catherine Yerks 300 acre farm in Unionville (now Hawthorne). We will give you until tomorrow at sunset to get off our land. This includes you JD Rockefeller and your snazzy Pocantico Hills Estate.”

  • New York City Police Officer Patrick S Hanley

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    I recently received a packet of information about Patrick Hanley from the New York Police Department.  Patrolman Patrick S Hanley was appointed to the New York City Police Department on April 3, 1890 and was issued Patrolman Shield number 4866. According to Patrick Hanley’s Police Department “Transfer and Assignment Card”, Patrick was born in Ireland

  • 1932 – Photograph of small airplane with four eclipse observers including Buck Baron

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    Members of an eclipse aerial expedition ready to Roosevelt Field to climb 30,000 feet to photograph the eclipse. Left to right: Aaron "Duke" Krantz, Pilot; Herbert Partridge, Technical observer; Robert Donahue, movie camera operator; and Buck Baron, camera operator.

  • Michael A (Buck) Baron Tells The Story Of A Photograph He Took That Is Eteched In History

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    Excerpt From: Get That Picture! The Story Of The News Cameraman By A. J. EZICKSON The steel strike disorders everywhere were terrifying experiences for the news photographers. At Warren, Ohio, three cameramen, Charles Wilk, Cleveland manager of Wide World Photos, Mack Baron, of International News, and Jack Hines, Associated Press staffer, were fired upon and

  • The Life & Death of Hiram Gregg Smith

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    Hiram Gregg Smith was born in New York State circa 1864 to Caroline E. and Benjamin H. Smith.  He was one of 10 children. Somewhere between 1873 and 1878, the family picked up and moved out to the Humboldt, Iowa area. On December 17, 1884, Hiram Gregg Smith married Julia Geeslin in Rutland, Iowa.  There

  • Henry William Lewis Witnesses The Start Of The Civil War

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      Many years ago, my Uncle told me a story of my Great, Great Grandfather Henry William Lewis and how he had witnessed the beginning of the Civil War.   This  story was always very interesting to me so I decided to do some research into the events of that day. There are actually many