Hiram Gregg Smith was born in New York State circa 1864 to Caroline E. and Benjamin H. Smith.  He was one of 10 children. Somewhere between 1873 and 1878, the family picked up and moved out to the Humboldt, Iowa area.

On December 17, 1884, Hiram Gregg Smith married Julia Geeslin in Rutland, Iowa.  There first child, Caroline (Carrie) was born shortly thereafter sometime in 1885.  Their second child, Leta Ethel Smith was born May 30, 1887.  Following Leta was John William Smith on August 3, 1889.  Benjamin H Smith was then born sometime in 1891 followed by Franklin (Frank) Edward Smith on February 27, 1893.  The sixth and final child, Sumner (or Summer) Smith was born sometime in 1896.

In the beginning, the family was living in Weaver Township where Gregg was a farmer. His parents, Caroline Elizabeth and Benjamin H. Smith were nearby. By 1895 they were living in Gilmore City as were his parents. .  Then by 1900 the young Smith family had moved to Webster City.

By 1910, Julia and Gregg had divorced and went their own ways.  Julia remarried  sometime after 1910 and became Julia Davis.  At this point, I do not know who she married or where she moved to.

In 1920, we see Gregg remarried to a woman named Ella and was living in Placentia California which is in Orange County.  His step daughter Josephine McKaughan was living with him and his new wife.Vy this time Gregg had become a plumber for an oil field.

On December 4, 1926, Hiram Gregg Smith was killed in a horrific industrial accident which was covered by the local newspapers.

At the time of his death, it appears that his mother, Caroline Elizabeth Smith was living in Santa Fe Springs, California.  The newspaper coverage also tell us that his sister Kate Young and brother Boyd Smith lived nearby.  There was no mention of the family he left behind in Iowa.

Hiram Gregg Smith Killed On Oil Platform
Hiram Gregg Smith Killed