• John Deans Account of a Revolutionary Skirmish in Mount Pleasant

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    Sergent John Dean is Collen’s first cousin, 7x removed, and a well-known revolutionary patriot.  Johns's mother is Maritie Jurckse (Yerks), the daughter of Harmon Jurckse.  He is the patriot who reportedly hid behind a large rock on the upper portion of the  William Jurckse (Yerks) farm and attacked British troops as they marched up and

  • The Philipsburg Encampment of 1781

    Philipsburg Manor in Westchester County was home to many Yerks families, including Colleen's 6th great-grandparents. I grew up in Westchester County, knowing little about Westchester's role in the revolution. But through genealogy, I have learned that my children's ancestors were right there at ground zero and were known as Patriots of the cause. In