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1795 Our Earliest Known Ancestors and Their Family: John Hayes & Hanora Leahey John and Hanora were farmers in or around Killarney, Ireland.

Of the known children discovered so far, three of them came and settledin Manchester, New Hampshire in the mid-1800’s.

•  John, the oldest sibling, came to Manchester circa 1865 with his established family.

•  Jeremiah was the first to arrive in Manchester, but only after making a stop for several years in England.

•  Catherine married a man named William Cronin in County Kerry in 1862 and then came to Manchester circa 1865 with their family.

This timeline focuses on the descendants of Jeremiah Hayes.

1820 Jeremiah Hayes is Born In or Near Killarney Ireland According to severalrecords and his published obituary, Jeremiah was born in or around Killarney, Ireland.

Killarney is a town on the shores of Lough Leane in southwest Ireland’s County Kerry. According to several sources, his parents were John Hayes (Hase, Haise) and Hanorah Leahey. He is one of several siblings that cameto America and settled in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Killarney has featured prominently in early Irish history, with religious settlements playing an important part of its recorded history. Its first significantly historical settlement was the monastery on nearby Innisfallen Island founded in 640 by St. Finian the Leper, which was occupied for approximately 850 years.

1849 Jeremiah Hayes Marriage to Catherine Ahearn Jeremiah Hayes and Catherine Ahearn were married at Saint Mary’s Chapel in the City of London.

Jeremiah was working as a Coal Whipper. A Coal Whipper is a laborer that raises coal out of the hold of a ship.

1849 John J Hayes is Born Just Outside of London, England. John J Hayes was born in St George, Middlesex, England to Jeremiah Hayes and Catherine Ahearn Hayes, making him an English citizen.

St George in the East was a parish in the metropolitan area of London, England.

1854 Jeremiah and Catherine Hayes Arrive in the United States “Although the actual document that confirms the date of arrival in the US has not yet been found, there is significant circumstantial evidence to indicate that the 1954 +/- 2 years is the year of arrival.

His naturalization papers indicate that he arrived in 1844.  This is most likely a typo.”

1857 Mary P Hayes, Daughter of Jeremiah and Catherine, is Born in New Hampshire Mary is the first daughter born to Jeremiah and Catherine and the first child to be in the United States.

No official birth record has yet been found for her, but census recordsand her death record confirm this information.

1858 The Hayes Family Is Living on Park Street in Manchester, New Hampshire. According to the 1858 Manchester Directory, Jeremiah is living at 2 Park Street and working as a laborer,

Park Street is now roughly where Lake Avenue is today.  Two years later, they Hayes family is found across the street at #7 Park Street.

Jeremiah was a Grocer, presumably operating the store from his home.

1859 Jeremiah Hayes Becomes a Naturalized Citizen. John Hayes was naturalized in Exeter, NH on February 4, 1959.

According to his naturalization papers, he first arrived in the United States on or about June 26, 1844 in New York.  In reality, he most likely arrived in 1854.

1869 Jeremiah Hayes Died in Boston, Massachusetts Jeremiah Hayes died in Boston, Massachusetts of “Disease of the Liver” and “general drunkenness” at the age of 49. It is unknown what he was doing in Boston at the time of his death, but it could be related to his “store.

According to his obituary, “His courteous manner, genial disposition and sterling integrity attracted all with whom he came in contact, in an unusual degree, while his good judgment and business habits and knowledge were early sought for by his fellow citizens, and for many years he filled positions of Ward clerk, Selectman and assessor, and at the time of his d eath he was for the second time a member of the legislature of the state.

1870 Catherine Hayes & Family In the 1870 Census The 1870 census lists Catherine as head of household and “Keeper of House” (unemploye d). She cannot read or write.

William is a Moulder and John is a clerk in a store. Mary is a 12-year- old student.

1871 John J Hayes Is Manufacturing Sarsaparilla Beer According to an 1871 City Directory, John Hayes has taken up manufacturing Sarsaparilla Beer while living at 7 Park. William is a Grocer at the same address.

Sarsaparilla is a carbonated soft drink originally made from the native Central American plant smilax ornata. In Spanish the plant is known as zarzaparrilla. Associated with the Old West, sarsaparilla was popular in the United States in the 19th century.

1871 William M Hayes, Second Son of Jeremiah And Catherine Passes Away at Age 19 William M Hayes died at the age of 19 at the residence on Park Street.

According to his obituary, he had an ‘attack of the lung’ which resulted in the enlargement of the liver.

1880 Catherine Hayes & Family In the 1880 Census Catherine, her son John and daughter Mary are living at 129 Chestnut Street.

John is a clerk in the store. Mary is working in a cotton mill.

1881 John J Hayes Marriage to Jane B Kelty of Manchester in Boston, Massachusetts There is clearly a close tie between the City of Boston and the Hayes Family. First was the death of Jeremiah Hayes is Boston. And here, the marriage of two Manchester residents in the City.
1881 Catherine Hayes Dies at Her Home in Manchester, New Hampshire Catherine Hayes died of heart disease. She was a housekeeper and lived to the age of 62. The Death Certificate does not list her exact location where she died but is presumed to be at her home in Manchester.
1884 Mary P Hayes Passes Away Mary passed away at her home on Auburn Street at the age of 27.

Her cause of death is listed as Acute Phthisis, or what we today call Tuberculosis.”

1885 Thomas Hayes, First Son of John and Jane Hayes, is Born Thomas, the first son of John and Jane Hayes was born in Manchester, NH.

He was born at the family’s home at 74 Auburn Street.

1889 Jeremiah Joseph Hayes, Second Son of John and Jane Hayes, is Born in Bedford, New Hampshire Jeremiah Hayes was born in Bedford, New Hampshire. Bedford is just south and west of the City of Manchester, not too far from where the family was living.

To his friends, he was known as Jerry.

1891 The Hayes Family Moves to 30 Second Street John and Jane Hayes moved their family from downtown Manchester to 30 Second Street in the Amoskeag Village area of the City

The homes at Second Street were small two story tenamant projects.  30 would have been the third unit on the right in the picture.

1892 Jane Josephine Hayes, Only Daughter of John and Jane Hayes, is Born Jane Josephine was born somewhere in New Hampshire, most likely in the Manchester area, but the Birth Record has not yet been found.

Jane went by the name of Jennie.

1898 John Hayes and Family Moved to 35 Front Street The Hayes family moved into a house at 35 Front Street, around the corner from their previous residence on Second Street.
1895 Circa 1895. The Three Children of John J Hayes and Jane B Kelty Hayes From left to right, Jeremiah Hayes, Jennie (Jane Josephine) Hayes and Thomas Hayes
1896 Thomas E Hayes, 11-Year Old Son of John and Jane Hayes Dies Thomas E Hayes, 11-year old son of John and Jane Kelty Hayes died in Manchester, New Hampshire.

As family lore goes, he drowned. His official cause of death is listed as ‘Bronchitis’. Bronchitis is an inflammation of the lining of the bronchial tubes, which carry air to and from your lungs.

1900 The Hayes Family in the 1900 US Census John and Jane Hayes are living at 35 Front Street in the Amoskeag section of Manchester, NH with their son Jeremiah and daughter Jennie (Josephine). John is working in a Paper Mill, presumably Chaney’s Paper Mill in Amoskeag.
1905 John Hayes, Brother of Jeremiah, Passes Away in Manchester, New Hampshire. According to his published obituary, this John came to Manchester because his brother, Jeremiah,  and sister had already settled here.

The beginning of his obituary reads…”John Hayes, for over 40 years one of Manchester’s leading businessmen and staunch Irish citizens, rightly termed, ‘the fine old Irish gentleman’ died last evening. Death came to him at his family home, corner of Oak and Harrison streets, at 9:30 o’clock, from an attack of pneumonia, against which he put up a gallant battle. For days, he had been slowly sinking, only his indomitable will and nerve, which had so characterized his whole life work, keeping a hold on life. He was in his 86th year.

1906 John J Hayes Passes Away While at His Post As the article of his death reads, John J Hayes was stricken with apoplexy and died while at work. Apoplexy is defined as unconsciousness or incapacity resulting from a cerebral hemorrhage or stroke.

He was night watchman at the Manchester Stocking Mill in Amoskeag (the old Cheney Paper Mill) and was found unconscious in the mill at 1 o’clock Monday morning.  The mill was a very short distance from his home on Front Street.

1906 The Funeral for John J Hayes John’s funeral was attended by friends and family.  Several names of known relatives are mentioned in the article including:

–Patrick J Flynn

–William J Kennedy

Also from out town:

— Ms. Jenny Kelty

— Mrs. Margaret Flynn of Providence Rhode Island

— William H Hickey of Boston

— Mr. and Mrs. RH Hickey of Fitchburg, Mass.

1914 Jeremiah J Hayes Opens His Variety Store at 80 Front Street The 1914 Manchester Directory lists, for the first time, the J. J. Hayes variety store at 80 Front Street, which must have been diagonally across the street from their home at 35 Front Street.
1918 Jeremiah J Hayes’ Marriage to Margaret Mary Sheehan Jerry Hayes and Margaret Sheehan were married at Saint Ann’s Church in Manchester, New Hampshire.

There are numerous pictures of their “reception” that undoubtedly contains numerous family members.

1920 Jenny Hayes Marries Harry G MacNeill of New York
1922 John J Hayes is born to Jeremiah and Margaret Hayes John J Hayes was born January 22, 1922 at the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Maternity Hospital in Manchester, New Hampshire.
1923 The Hayes’ and MacNeills are all living togther At 266 Goffstown Road Jane Hayes, JeremiahHayes’ family and the MacNeills are all living togther. The house at 266 Goffstown Road today is a three family house and is still there.
1927 Jane B Kelty Hayes Dies at Her Home Jane B Kelty Hayes died at her home at 266 Goffstown Road in Manchester, NH. She was 74 years old.

Her cause of death is listed as arteriosclerosis of ten years and a sudden pulmonary embolism.

1929 Jeremiah Hayes Has Taken a Salesman Position With the Mack-Miller Candle Company According to the 1929 Manchester City Directory, Jeremiah is no longer running his variety store at 80 Front Street. Instead, he has moved to B Street and taken a Salesperson position with the Mack-Miller Candle Company.
1930 Jeremiah Hayes Family in the 1930 Census. Jeremiah and Margaret at seen living at the new residence at 63 B Street with their two children.
1934 Jeremiah Hayes and Family Moves To Woonsocket, Rhode Island. 1934 City Directories indicate that Jerry and his family have moved to Woonsocket, Rhode Island this year and have moved in with Margarets step-mother who was still living at 229 Summer Street home that she shared with Margaret’s father, John J Sheehan until his death in 1930.
1937 Jane Josephine (Jenny) Hayes MacNeill Passes Away Jenny passed away at the age of just 46 due to a cerebral hemmorage at Sacret Heart Hospital in Manchester. She had also suffered from “Nephritis sub acute and Menopause”
1951 Jeremiah Hayes Dies in Woonsocket Hospital Jeremiah Hayes died in Woonsocket Hospital at the age of 62 after a ‘long illness’. According to his death certificate, his immediate cause of death was Myocardial Insufficiencyncy, but he had also suffered for the last seven years from Paralysis Agitans or what we today call ‘Parkinson’s Disease.’

According to his obituary, he was a salesman for the Mack-Miller Candle Company of Syracuse, NY and was a member of the Holy Name Society St Charles Church in Woonsocket.

1969 Margaret Mary Sheehan Passes Away Margaret Sheehan Hayes passed away Woonsocket Hospital after suffering a fractured hip and developing Uremia. Uremia is a raised level in the blood of urea and other nitrogenous waste compounds that are normally eliminated by the kidneys.

According to her Death Certificate, she also suffered from Parkinson’s Disease and Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease.

2018 So Where is Amoskeag Village On Today’s Maps? In the photo, an 1897 Sanborn Insurance map is overlayed on an aerial map of the Amoskeag area is it is today.

As you will see, the entire Amoskeag Village has been replaced with a LaQuinta Inn and Power Authority Buildings.

• The purple arrow points to the J.J. Hayes Variety Store at 80 Front Street

• The green arrow points to the home at 35 Front Street

• The red arrow points to the Hayes residence at 30 Second Street