SOURCE: Cecelia Hone and Edward L Kear Marriage Certificate obtained from the Westchester County Archives.

Cecelia L Hone, of 37 Orchard Street in Mount Vernon, was born in Rye, NY on September 16, 1900 and was a bookkeeper when she decided to marry Edward L Kear. She was 31 years old. This was her second marriage. Her first husband died. Her parents were John Hone and Mary Buckley, both of Ireland.

Edward Kear was living at 1565 E. 28th Street in Brooklyn at the time and was an Architectural Draftsman. Edward’s parents were john Kear and Mary Day, both born in the the United States.

Cecelia’s brother, Victor J Hone and Mabel R Cashion were the Best Man and Maid of Honor. Victor was living at 16 Devonia Avenue in Mount Vernon.

The couple was married in Mount Vernon of February 13, 1933.