For the last several months I have been researching Frank E Smith, Colleen’s great grandfather.  Having access to limited online resources, it was difficult to find any information beyond Census Records.  But with the Census info I had and the help of Martha Schmitdt of the Humbolt Genealogy Society, I have finally discovered some concrete information about the Elusive man who abandoned his family back in the 1930’s.

Today, Martha wrote the following email to me:

I checked birth, marriage & death records at the Court House yesterday. Hiram Gregg Smith and Julia Ann Geeslin were married 17 Dec. 1884 at Rutland, Iowa.
The births of Leta Ethel (30 May 1887), John William ( 3 Aug. 1889), and Franklin Edward ( 27 Feb. 1893) are at the Court House. The family was living in Weaver Township where Gregg was a farmer. His parents were nearby.
In 1895 they were living in Gilmore City as were his parents. The humboldt newspapers are digitized which means there is a name index. In 1898 there was something in the South Weaver column about Gregg Smith as a former resident being in Fort Dodge. In 1903 he visited someone in Gilmore City.
I didn’t find any deaths on the death index at the court house. I checked 3 cemeteries: one in Weaver Twp., one at Gilmore City and one at Humboldt. I didn’t find any Smiths from these families. There is a Sumner Smith at Humboldt, but he was much older than yours.
If you want copies of the court house records, I can hand copy them for nothing. A genie copy is $5 a piece.
This confirmed my research.  I did ask Martha for copies of anything she found.