After my first experience at the New York City Records Archives, I took a short trip on the subway to Brooklyn where the Green-Wood Cemetery is.

After a VERY LONG walk on a 90+ degree day, I found the area where the plot for ten lewis’s was supposed to be.  It took me over 20 minutes to find the grave stone, even with the help of a plot map.  The stone is wedged between two shady trees and only contains the names of Anna Roche Lewis and Henry William Lewis.  Since there were ten lewis’s there, I expected something a little larger.
So, buried in Green-Wood Hill Cemetery are:
  • Anna Roche Lewis
  • John Henry Lewis
  • Walter F. Lewis (Don’t now how he fits in yet… stay tuned)
  • John Lewis
  • Joesephone (Mary Jo) Lewis
  • margaret F. Lewis
  • Andrew J. Lewis
  • Catherine Hanley Lewis
  • Bertam E. Lewis
  • Sidney V. Lewis