I finally obtained the death certificate for Angelo Anthony Baroni (Baron).  After a third review of his wife’s naturalization papers, I noticed a small note that indicated that her husband died in October of 1913.  So I hired someone to go to the New Jersey State Archive to retrieve a copy of the death certificate.

Angelo Baroni Death Certificate

Angelo was born 14 May 1872 in Mantova, Lombardia, Italy.  He was the out of wedlock son of Carlos Bellizario (sp?) and Lucia Parmelli.  The old family story indicates that the sexual relation between Lucia and Carlos  may have been non-consentual.

Angelo died of Cirrhosis of Liver on October 18, 1913 at his home in 83 West 6th Street, Paterson, New Jersey.  He was 41 years old.  He left behind four daughters (Marie, Jean, Stephanie and Yolanda) and one boy (Michael). Multiple sources indicate that he was a cigar salesman.  He was buried at Laurel Green Cemetery just outside of Paterson.