Today, I fired off an email to’s Customer Support to let them know that I had my DNA re-tested with Family Tree DNA after my initial disappointment with the service there.  Results are due back in January.

When my DNA order was fulfilled more than a year ago by, there was a problem “uploading” the data to the DNA Console of   Whenever I initially logged into the console, it would not show me any results. So after many go arounds with support, the problem was reportedly fixed.  Now, when I look at the results though, I don’t see a single reference to my father’s name.  80% of the results are coming back as being related to people with the surname of “O’Leary”.  Now I understand that adoption and/or other issues may affect the surnames, but with that initial “upload” error mess, I seriously wonder whether my results were screwed up with someone else’s.  I really didn’t ever get any satisfactory explanation of what really happened nor did I ever feel comfortable that I am looking at the proper results. Clearly I felt like a “pioneer” with the Ancestry DNA project.  When I asked for a free retest, I was denied.

So, two weeks ago, I decided to have my DNA retested by Family Tree DNA. The full boat.   I really hope the error wasn’t on the part of  If the DNA doesn’t match, I think at the very least I will deserve a refund from

No reply is necessary unless you have new information as to what happened with my results.  I just thought you should know that i am one potentially unhappy customer with your service… but  I think I told you that in an earlier communication.

If the results match, then at least I can rest comfortably knowing that  I did have the correct results all along.  But until that second set of DNA results arrive, I will always question whether I am looking at my relatives in the DNA console.

I guess we will know soon.