The other day I found two photographs that seem to link two branches of the Tierney family together. The pictures come from the collection of Frank Noel and May (Berry) Tierney who lived in Larchmont, New York.  Frank Noel Tierney  and Raymond A Tierney were first cousins, so it makes sense that they new of each other, but these are the first photographs connecting the two  families.

Raymond Tierney and Family with Frank, Virginia and May

"Raymond Tierney and Family with Frank, Virginia and May"

In the photo above the woman on the far right is May Tierney.  Daughter, Virginia, is standing in front of her.  I believe Raymond Jr, has is back to the camera and is facing his mother, Marie Tierney (nee Cradock).  The man on the far left, with his head cut off, is either Frank Tierney or Raymond Tierney Sr.

"Marie Tierney and Children"

"Marie Tierney and Children"

Posted: November 10, 2009
Categories: Surname: Tierney

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