It’s not to often you find a photograph of  four generations of one family.  So when I came across one of my wife’s Uncle’s family photos, I decided it deserved a blog post of its own!

Ricky Barnes of Georgia has a boat load of Barnes and Shares photo’s letters and other historical documents that he just hasn’t had time to do anything with.  The Barnes and Shares families generally lived in  the New Haven, Connecticut area for several generations.  Although he is deeply interested in his own family’s genealogy, the needs of today take precedence.  So he gave me a small sampling to have fun with.  And boy has it been fun!  Unlike my own family, his genealogical roots in the United States go all the way back to the late 1600’s or early 1700’s.  And there is lots of genealogical information data to mine just on the internet.

So here is the first piece on his family.  A 5-generation photo depicting members of the Blakeslee, Ives, Shares, Barnes and Schoonmaker families.

5 Generations

Pictured left to right

  • Grandma Ella Shares Barnes (1855-1942)
    m. Robert N Barnes (1850 – ?)
  • Mother Genevieve Schoonmaker (1879 – ? )
    m.  William H Schoonmaker (1910 – ?)
  • Great, Great Grandma Sylvia Blakeslee Ives (1816 – 1912)
    m. Alfred Ives (1813 – 1886)
  • Daughter Alice Schoonmaker
  • Great Grandma Susan Ives Shares (1838 – 1902)
    m. Horace Putnam Shares (1836 – 1902)