While doing some casual family genealogy research using Google’s new Newspaper Archives, I stumbeled accross one of the greatest finds yet….  A New York Times obituary with a picture of New York City Police Captain Frank A. Tierney.  He was 68 year old when he died of heart disease in Brooklyn, New York.  Frank was the brother of my Great Grandfather James F Tierney. My great Uncle  actually was a Police Inspector before being demoted to Captain just before his retirement in 1928.

He spent 32 years on the Police Force, including several years in Chinatown, heading up the move against the gangs there.  Unfortunately, he encountered some political trouble in 1918  with Police Commissioner Enright who took the opportunity to demote him.  It seems that although he was in and out of some minor trouble through his career (see the attached articles), he was generally well respected and liked.  He retired as a Captain on December 31, 1928, ending his career managing the Miller Avenue Precinct in Brooklyn.

He was survived by his three sons; John E, Frank A. Jr. and Raymond A Tierney (who later became a New York City Magistrate in 1956.)

The Obituary and Photo

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