Our Beattie Family Tree Just Grew Larger!

Our Beattie Family Tree Just Grew Larger!

Yesterday, I decided to revisit beta.familysearch.org to look for any possible new records they may have added to their database.  My first query was for the “Kelty” surname in Manchester, England.  The Kelty surname is on my fathers side.  Bingo!  I quickly found some new related birth records.  Since I was not really prepared to do in depth “Kelty” research, […]

Who Ever Said Yerks Research Was Easy?

Who Ever Said Yerks Research Was Easy?

As I continue to struggle to find proof that George Oakley Yerks is the son of William Townsend Yerks, I changed focus for a bit in hopes that something else might pop-up that would help me put the pieces of this family puzzle together.  I decided to research the brothers and sister of William T Yerks.   I’ll give you […]

Surprise Party For Reginald Parrett... A Family Affair

Surprise Party For Reginald Parrett… A Family Affair

This article was published in the Newtown Register on Thursday, February 9, 1911. According to this brief article, on Saturday, Jan 28, 1911 there was a surprise birthday party for Reginald W Parrett. Reginald was married to Irene Tierney. Irene is a daughter of Mary Jane Kinneary and Thomas W Tierney. They lived at 9 Chestnut Street in Corona, Queens. […]

A "Chip Off The Old Block"...Raymond A Tierney Jr.

A “Chip Off The Old Block”…Raymond A Tierney Jr.

The following article was published on November 12, 1952 in The Brooklyn Eagle.  It tells the story of Raymond A Tierney Jr sterlings high school sports experience and the sports successes of numerous family members.  The article mentions that Raymond is the grandson of Police Inspector Frank A. Tierney.  Grandfather Frank was one of the outstanding rowers with the Dauntless […]

Stamford Mourns "Mom" Condos... Owned Four Coney Island Resturants

Stamford Mourns “Mom” Condos… Owned Four Coney Island Resturants

Jean Yerks, Mary Condos granddaughter, found this article in her keep sake box and gave it to me for good keeping.  It’s surprising, because we really had no idea that Semne (now Mary) Konzia Condos was so popular in Stamford. She was born in Greece, immigrated to America circa 1900, bounced around for a while, but finally settled in Stamford. […]