• The Search For the Parents of James Oakley Yerks, Died at Harpers Ferry, 1863

    By Published On: November 1st, 2020Categories: Civil War, Surname: Yerks

    There are several James Yerks born around the same time. They are: James Yerks BIRTH 16 AUG 1823 • Ossining, Westchester, New York, United StatesDEATH 9 OCT 1880 • Chappaqua, Westchester, New York, United StatesThis James died in the Civil War and is buried at the old Saint Mark's Cemetery in Mount Kisco (Next to

  • Where Is Catherine Yerks’ Farm?

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    This is a 1840 Map of the Yerks farm, overlaid on today's Google Map. Move the slider to change the view.

  • Making The Circumstantial Case that Links Ezra Yerks to the Larger Yerks Family Tree

    By Published On: June 7th, 2018Categories: In History, Surname: Yerks

    In May 2018, I was contacted by Mary-Catherine Burton, wife of Charles Edward Yerks. Charles is a descendant of Frank Yerks and Annie Bullock. She was interested in developing a family tree for her husband.  While I was able to provide her some guidance with researching her husbands branch of the Yerks Family Tree, I sadly had to inform her that nobody has ever been able to connect that branch to the larger Yerks family of Philipsburg / Westchester County.

  • Catherine Yorkse (Yerks) Farm in Hawthorne (formally Unionville), New York

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    "Attention All Persons living in the Green Zone below. You are nearby ordered to vacate your homes immediately. Colleen Hayes (nee Yerks) intends to re-claim her great x6 grandmother Catherine Yerks 300 acre farm in Unionville (now Hawthorne). We will give you until tomorrow at sunset to get off our land. This includes you JD Rockefeller and your snazzy Pocantico Hills Estate.”

  • The Sad Tale of Two Yerks Brothers, As Told By Area Newspapers, Postcards, Photos & Genealogy

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    Isaac Yerks was born circa 1823 to John Van Tassel and Fanny Yerks in New Castle, New York. He was the first of nine children born to them. Somewhere in the mid-1850s, Isaac married a woman by the name of Elizabeth and began their family, living in the town of Mount Pleasant near other Yerks

  • George W Yerks & Company, Sales Agents – Postcard

    By Published On: April 10th, 2013Categories: Found Treasures, Surname: Yerks

    In my quest to acquire all things that are historic in nature and related to the Yerks family, I found the postcard below on eBay.  I was able to purchase it for just $3.50.  Although G.W. Yerks is not a direct relative of Colleen's, he is a distant cousin. George W. Yerks was born at

  • The Marriage of George Oakley Yerks to Annie Dora Cutler

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    Finally…. conclusive proof as to the parents of George Oakley Yerks arrived today via US Mail.  George Oakley Yerks is the great, great grandfather of Colleen Hayes, my wife.  Since acquiring George’s Brooklyn Death Certificate several years ago, there has been a lingering doubt in my mind as to who his parents really were.  This is

  • Fire in Alexander Yerks’s Store Almost Destroys Chappaqua

    By Published On: December 6th, 2011Categories: In The News, Surname: Yerks

    The newspaper article below was published in the Mount Kisco Record on December 20, 1890. It tells an interesting story how Chappaqua residents banded together to prevent a conflagration that could have destroyed their town.  A fire that started at Mr Alexander Yerk’s store quickly spread and challenged the residents of Chappaqua to save their

  • The Puzzle Pieces Finally Fit Together

    By Published On: May 25th, 2011Categories: Surname: Yerks

    Way back when, I picked up a Brooklyn Death Certificate for George Oakley Yerks from the New York City Archives.  He was the  great x2 grandfather to Colleen Yerks Hayes, my wife.  The Death Certificate disrupted everything I thought I knew about George Oakley Yerks and his parents.  According to his Death Certificate, his parents