Surname: Yerks

To My Relatives On Veteran's Day.... Thank You!

To My Relatives On Veteran’s Day…. Thank You!

I know there are many relatives who served our country that are not yet on this list. By next year, I hope that I can find you and add you to our little tribute. From Philip Sr., Colleen, Philip Jr. and Kevin…. THANK YOU! On Veteran’s Day we honor Soldiers who protect our nation. For their service as our warriors, […]

Mystery Solved:  Village of Rye's World War I Monument Names William & Ralph Yerks (Yerkes)

Mystery Solved: Village of Rye’s World War I Monument Names William & Ralph Yerks (Yerkes)

In one last act of desperation to find some type of mention of Ralph Yerks at a War Memorial,  I emailed the Rye Historical Society to ask them if there was a War Memorial in Rye.  Rye was the only town that I had had not visited because I was unfamiliar with it.  Within 12 hours, I received an email back from Dr. Ruth […]