• The Forgotten New York State Historical Marker: John Dean Rock in Hawthorne, NY

    By Published On: February 18th, 2024Categories: In The Military, Military, Places: Mount Pleasant, Places: Philipsburg

    Who Was John Dean? John Dean was a youngster in the town of Mount Pleasant, NY before the American Revolution. His family’s farm sat squarely in the middle of what was known as the Neutral Zone. Like many from the area, John was forced to take a side. He clearly chose the side of being

  • Philipsburg Manor…A Must Visit For Yerks (Jurckse) Family Members

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    I vaguely remember visiting Philipsburg Manor as part of a school trip I went on when I was little. I didn't remember much about its history, but I definitely remembered it was there, across the street from the well-known Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.  I would never have imagined that I would marry someone with a direct