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I recently received a packet of information about Patrick Hanley from the New York Police Department.  Patrolman Patrick S Hanley was appointed to the New York City Police Department on April 3, 1890 and was issued Patrolman Shield number 4866.

According to Patrick Hanley’s Police Department “Transfer and Assignment Card”, Patrick was born in Ireland on 9 September 1865.  But according to an Irish birth record I found, he was actually born on  the thirteenth of September in the Garryfine / Rockhill area of Limerick County.  He was Naturalized in Brooklyn Court in 1886.  His former occupation was “Laborer” and he lived at 400 Prospect Avenue in Brooklyn. This was just five blocks from his sister, Catherine Hanley Lewis, who was living at 493 13th Street in Brooklyn in 1900.

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Police Officer Patrick S. Hanley, the son Ellen Hayes and Daniel Hanley and a New York City Patrolman for almost 25 years was shot in the back while trying to apprehend a man who had “shot another brother officer just moments before”.

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This is the story of how the “other” Hayes’ arrived in the United States.  The other Hayes’ meaning on the Lewis side.  Yes, I have Hayes’ from both my mother and father.  The information is compiled from many sources, including:

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