Thanks To Those Relatives Who Servered


Ralph Yerks
b. 6 Apr, 1894, d. 13, Sep 1918 (Killed In Action)
World War I, US Army, 9th Infantry, 2nd Division
Killed in Action and is buried in Thiaucourt, France at the St. Mihiel American Cemetery.
Genealogy Note: Colleens Great Uncle

Lloyd W. Lewis
b. 22, May 1928, d. 9 Mar 2000
Served with the U.S. Army in the Korea Conflict  at a “secondary” MASH unit in Japan.
Genealogy Note: My Uncle

Second Lieutenant Harry W. Lewis
b. 18 Nov 1892, d. 12 Oct 1972
World War I, American Expeditionary Forces Served on the United States Expeditionary Force in France.
Stayed an extra year after the Armistice was signed and played tennis for the AEF team assigned to rebuild relations in war torn Europe.
Genealogy Note: My Grandfather

James F. Tierney
b. 29 Jun 1894,  d.12 Dec 1931
World War I, American Expeditionary Forces, Company M, 307 Infantry
James served in France and saw many friends die in Europe. We have a letter from him, to his brother Frank, while in France.
Genealogy Note: My Great Uncle

Colonel Robert Eugene Dunn, US Army
b. 8 May 1892, d. Sep 1974
Served in both World War I and World War II. In WWII Colonel Dunn lead a black Division of Engineers on Okinawa.
Genealogy Note: Husband to Grace Elinor Tierney, my Great Aunt.

William Benjamin Yerks
b. 12, Aug 1891, d. 9 Feb 1960
William fought in World War I and survived a Mustard Gas attack, only to die of complications of it some years later.
Genealogy Note: Colleens Great Uncle and brother of Private Ralph Yerks.

Frederick S. Barnes Jr.
b. 2 April 1916
Served with the U.S. Air Force
Genealogy Note: Colleen’s Step Grandfather

Nicholas T. Condos
b. 17 Jan 1908, d. 12 Nov 1973
Genealogy Note: Colleen’s Great Uncle

George Condos
b. 26 Nov 1912 , d. 17 May 1965
Genealogy Note: Colleen’s Great Uncle

William Edward Sheehan
b. 11 Nov 1893, d. 30 May 1947
Genealogy Note: My father’s Uncle

Jonathan J. Foley
b. 1896 d. 967
Genealogy Note: Husband of Agnes Beattie, my Great Aunt.

John W. Dunn
b. 1930 d. 2000
USAF Active Duty 1948-1953
Korea 1950-1952
USAF AIR Guard – Berlin Wall Conflict 1961-1962
Retired USCG reserves 1979
Genealogy Note: Son of Edna V. Hone, a distant cousin to Colleen.

John E. Kear
b. 8 Jan, 1924, d. 8 Jan 2003
Served in the US Navy during WWII as a submariner in the Pacific
Genealogy Note:  Cousin of James Yerks

William Andrew Flaherty
b. 6 Feb 1918, d. 1 Feb 1944 (Killed In Action)
Chief Quartermaster USS Scorpion (SS-278)
The Scorpion was lost In the East China Sea or Yellow Sea on February 1, 1944
Genealogy Note:  Cousin via the Roche branch of our tree

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