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Bert P Record is the husband of Leta Ethel Smith, sister of Frank Edward Smith,  Bert was born March 8, 1878 near Dewitt Iowa.  He married Leta Smith on July 3, 1905.  Bert died in his home in Rock Island after a 10 year battle with an illness.

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Leta Ethel Smith Record is the sister of Colleen’s great grandfather, Frank Edward Smith.  After much research, some genealogists from the Rock Island area of Illinois found her obituary for me.  Leta was born May 30, 1887 on a farm in Homboldt, Iowa.  She married Bert Record on July 3, 1905 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Leta died in Rock Island on August 28, 1966.

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I’ve been at a stand-still with the Leta Smith branch of the family tree since December 2009. I’ve been looking for Shawn Butler since July 2009.

Now, thanks to the folks at the Rock Island County illinois Genealogical Society, I have made a major breakthrough tracking down Shawn Butler, the great grandson of Leta Smith.  Based on one of Shawns earlier message forums posts, I have been working under the assumption that Shawn was the grandson of Leta Butler.  That would make him the son of Merle Record.  So all my research was focused on looking for Merle or Muyrll Butler. So armed with that information, I took a shot and emailed the RICIGS for help.  Within a couple of days, one of their researchers had emailed me back with the following research.

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Muyrll Turner was born Muyrll Record on August 25, 1909 in Rock Island, Illinois.  She died at the age of 21 following two operations for an intestinal ailment.  She was survived by her husband, Roy Turner, her son; Clarence and her daughter; Leta Ellen.

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A special thanks to the folks at the Rock Island County illinois Genealogical Society for finding the obituary for Leta Ellen Butler for me. Born Leta Ellen Turner on 9 Aug 1929 in Moline, she married William Butler on November 19, 1965 in Rock Island.

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Leta Ethel Smith, sister of Frank Edward Smith (my wife’s great grandfather) was born in Iowa on May 30, 1887.  The only thing we knew about her, until today, was that she had twins named Merle and Berle.  In fact we have pictures of Leta, Merle and Berle in our possession.  There is some recollection that she and her husband “Bert “may have ran a gas station in Mount Kisco, New York for a couple of years.  Grandma Patty Smith Barnes recalls her sister going to live with Leta and Bert in Westchester for a summer around 1930 after her father deserted the family.  Besides this information, I had nothing to go on as far as leeds in tracking down this branch of the Smith family tree.

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Laurel Newman Photo Collection

September 28, 2009

Today, Laurel Newman, daughter of Eileen Smith sent me a box of wonderful photo’s from the Eileen Smith side of the family.  Thank You Laurel!

Laurel rescued them from a flood at her mother’s house.  She tried to clean them up as best she could, but in addition to the water damage, they also suffered some oil damage in the flood.  I scanned them in at high resolution and tried to crop out as much of the damage as I could without losing any of the important surroundings.  Now we just need to identify those photo’s that have the generic “img_XXX” label.

I have finally found the elusive Frank Edward Smith, estranged husband of Jean Louise Baron Smith and estranged father to Marie, Patricia and Eileen Smith .

Frank Edward Smith was born February 27, 1893 in Humboldt, Iowa to Hiram Gregg Smith and Julia Geeslin Smith.

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Hiram Gregg Smith was born in New York State circa 1864 to Caroline E. and Benjamin H. Smith.  He was one of 10 children. Somewhere between 1873 and 1878, the family picked up and moved out to the Humboldt, Iowa area.

On December 17, 1884, Hiram Gregg Smith married Julia Geeslin in Rutland, Iowa.  There first child, Caroline (Carrie) was born shortly thereafter sometime in 1885.  Their second child, Leta Ethel Smith was born May 30, 1887.  Following Leta was John William Smith on August 3, 1889.  Benjamin H Smith was then born sometime in 1891 followed by Franklin (Frank) Edward Smith on February 27, 1893.  The sixth and final child, Sumner (or Summer) Smith was born sometime in 1896.

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After the major “Smith” family break through earlier today,  I came across a very interesting geneaology query posted on July 14, 2001 at the Smith surname forum:

I am looking for any information on  Hiram Gregg Smith. He died sometime before 1913 in Iowa and was married to Julia Ann Geesline in 1884 in Humboldt Co., Iowa. They are reported to have had at least 5 known children including my great-grandmother Leta Ethel Smith. E-mail me directly. Shawn Butler

I was very excited.  I finally found another Smith relative.  Shawn had actually posted another similar query at the forums on March 9, 2001.

Looking for any information on Julia Ann Geesline born in Johnson Co. 5 DEC 1868 and later married Hiram Gregg Smith

The bad news is that the email address attached to his postings is no longer valid.  Unfortunately there are just too  many Shawn Butlers out there to try to find him without more info.